1. How do you keep the brain healthy and active? The brain is like a muscle, which needs regular exercise to function well and be healthy. Besides walking and body stretching exercises, many other activities keep you mentally fit .1- Exercising: Physical activities like jogging or brisk walking will promote the growth of brain cells. Neurons are the basis of all the activities and faculties of the brain. These activities improve cognitive abilities. Exercise is one of the key factors associated with the growth of new neurons in the brain, known as neuroplasticity. Previously, it was thought that neurons degenerate due to the aging process, but don’t grow further. Now it is a well-established fact that brain cells-the neurons regenerate through exercise and other activities.

2-Language Skill. Increasing your vocabulary is a very effective way to stay mentally alert. It’s also a sign of intelligence. It’ll enrich your writing and speaking skills. You’ll be more precise in your expression as an intelligent person. Treat yourself to a good dictionary or thesaurus. Reading books and articles by established authors is one of the most important steps to enhance your brain faculty.

3-Numerical Skill. Although calculators are used for this purpose,. But using your head to calculate and using a pen and pencil is an excellent exercise for the brain. Try to do day-to-day small calculations without the help of a calculator to sharpen your brain

4-Reasoning Skill: It is a very valuable skill, which is the act/process of arriving at some conclusion from facts and evidence. To improve logical reasoning, we should first improvise observational skills. Keen observation and careful listening are the basis for ascertaining facts about a particular subject. Critical thinking is a must for reasoning skills. Elements of critical thinking are. 1 observation, 2- Analysis 3 Inference 4 Conclusion  5 Final solution to the problem   


5-Creative Skill: To be creative, one has to think outside the box and try to brainstorm various situations. The problem should be tackled from many different angles. Its ability to use imagination in very unique and different ways. Creative people look at things from a very unique perspective. The factors of creativity include a lot of reading, writing, listening to music in a variety of ways, and changing one’s usual work style.  BRAIN DAMAGING FACTORS Now let us see what the factors are that cause degenerative changes in the brain. We should try to avoid them to keep our brains healthy and functioning properly.                                                      1. Skipping breakfast Whether we are hungry or not, the brain needs lots of energy and nutrients to function well. You know, the brain is only 2% of body weight, but it needs 20% of energy for its functioning. Most of it is made up of cholesterol, so we need fat for healthy survival, besides protein, glucose, and minerals. Replenishment of nutrients should be done at least on a 6-hour basis for proper functioning. So breakfast must not be skipped for a healthy brain.                                                              2- 2-Sleep Deprivation- Sleep is very important for the brain’s health. All the wear and tear on the body and brain tissue is repaired during sleep. Besides, immunity is also boosted during sleep. So at least 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary for the brain’s health.                                                                                   3-Air Pollution The brain needs the largest amount of oxygen for its proper functioning. Pollutants reduce the level of oxygen and increase the level of harmful gases, both of which have a negative impact.                                                                             4-Smoking damages your brain very early. It is responsible for accelerated brain nerve cell degeneration, resulting in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.                                                                            5: Overeating or obesity causes the deposition of calcium and plaque formation in the brain’s blood vessels, leading to diminished blood circulation. Brain stroke and degenerative brain diseases are its results.

So keep your supreme asset—your brain healthy and optimized. Best of luck.                                                    Satish Tripathi


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