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 SCTRI48  FEBRUARY 20, 2024

ABOUT ME: I am a doctor and radiologist interested in travel blogs and review writing. I write on many diverse subjects, including health, including mental health, diet, motivation, for our existence, how our personality is formed, etc.  In the coming posts: many more interesting topics and common myths to be busted.

About me: By profession, I’m a doctor. As a radiologist, I served as the Indian Radiology Association’s joint secretary, vice president, president, organizing secretary, and chairman of the UP State Radiology Society. Fellowships: 1-FRCR fellow Indian College of Radiology 2-FAMS (Fellow Association of Medical Specialties) Awards 1: Dr. B. N Award of UP state for best overall activities in Radiology in the state 2-Traveling fellowship award from U.P. State

About me On Google Maps, I’m a 7-star guide with the badges of Master Photographer and Master Reviewer. My photos got more than 1 crore 30 lac views. by sctri48. MY GOOGLE MAP Link

About me: -AT tripadvisor.com I’m a top-level 6 writer and master photographer. Total badges gained are 88. by @350satisht Satish Tripathi, sctri48@gmail.com.

My website is<http://travelprolife.com>. 2-www,blogsatish.com www.myhindiblog.in is the third; travelprolife.com-satish is the fourth; https://travelprolife.com/satishtripathi/YouTube