foot xray

IMPORTANCE OF FOOT X-RAY -FOOT X-RAY is done to image the bones and joints of the foot. It is performed to assess the impact of injury, infective process, or congenital deformity.

 Preparation before X-ray foot- You must take out any metallic object/ring or jewelry worn. Because it’ll opacify the part of the bone, where it is worn. So, if there is any fracture or lesion on that part of the bone, it will be missed.

Position of the X-ray –You have to put your foot on the image-capturing cassette, as advised by a technician. He’ll make two or three positions, like AP, Lateral / side view, and Oblique views, as advised by a physician.

X-ray Procedure – The cone of the X-ray tube is focused on the part of the foot to be examined. The technician will push the toggle switch. Invisible, an X-ray beam will pass through the foot. There’ll be a spinning sound in the X-ray tube and the X-ray is done.


x-ray of foot AP and Lateral views


X-ray Processing -A cassette with captured images will be put inside the scanner console. Some processing and captured latent images will be transferred into the computer. It’ll be post-processed into a lot of clear images, to be interpreted by the Radiologist. In the meantime, you’ll be asked to stay there for some time till the image is post-processed. If the image is fine technician will say OK, you may go.

Printing of Image- The image, transferred from the scanner will be processed and sent to the printer with the command to print onto a particular size of film. Laser-printed film will come out for interpretation by the radiologist.

Interpretation and reporting of final X-ray Film-Radiologist will put the film on the view box, interpret it, and make the final impression.   Satish Tripathi sctri48

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