Everyone in this world is very unique, irreplaceable, and second to none. It’s because his / her personality is a combination of many different factors.  Nature is his genetic makeup, which, he has inherited by birth plus nurture—the way he was brought up in different societies, cultures, and religions. All these factors form his or her particular role model of reality—a very unique RMR. 
Through this, he or she reasons, anticipates, and explains everything. That is why every person’s blog is different and unique. 

Role models are often placed on a platform. creating pressure to strive for unattainable perfection. However, focusing solely on the achievements and successes of others can lead to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Embracing the realities of human nature, including flaws, failures, and setbacks, allows for a more balanced and authentic role model.
When we rely solely on pre-packaged role models, we risk passively accepting their values and actions. By engaging with a variety of perspectives and narratives, we develop critical thinking skills, allowing us to question, analyze, and form our own unique path.
 You are not you, but the projections of so many of your peer groups, teachers, and priests. It is because everyone has a very unique and different way of blogging. And so will be mine.  Further, I’ll try to keep my blogs shorter, because, in today’s world, the body has time to go through long reads. 
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