Thought meditation is the best of all meditations because it clears your negative thoughts and makes you stress-free.

Let’s first explore what meditation really is? It is concerned with the thought process or Thought contemplation. But with a difference: meditation is a focused thinking or concentration of thought processes. The point of focus may be your breathing, thought itself, or any other object.                             The purpose of Meditation is to clear the clutter of thoughts or jumbled thinking and bring out positive feelings and calmness. According to the National Science Foundation, approximately 12,000–60,000 thoughts per day flow in our minds. Out of this, 80 percent are negative and 95 percent are repetitive, which means the same. 

All the negative thoughts are not bad, because they alert or warn you about future incidents. Thus, you can plan. accordingly. But most of the negative thoughts are unnecessary and create negative scenarios in your mind. Its cumulative effect makes you stressed and adversely affects your mental and physical wellness.                                                                                                                                                        BENEFITS OF MEDITATION -It is a very simple, inexpensive, and fast way to relieve tension and provide lasting relaxation.                                                                                                                                            1-Stress reduction is the main reason for doing meditation                                                                         2. It relieves anxiety                                                         3. It creates emotional well-being                                   4- Makes you more self-conscious                                 5 You can effectively focus on anything without distraction.                                                                         6-Prevents you from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia                                                                            7-More easy to remove any addictions.                       8-Creates empathy in you

Types of Meditations.                                                      1-Mindfulness Meditation                                                2: Concentrated/focussed meditation.                          3-Vipasyana Buddhist meditation.                                  4-Mantra Meditation                                                        5-Preksha-dhyan-Jain Meditation                                  6-Transcendental Meditation.                                       7-Chakra Meditation                                                        8-Walking Meditation                                                        9-Body scan Meditation.                                                10-Thought meditation  

The flow of thoughts ?? -Please answer me
What is Thought Meditation?                           In this way, we try to focus and watch every thought flowing in our minds. Note down the predominant negative thoughts that are recurring repeatedly, and then provide them with suitable answers. If that thought is satisfied with the answer, it will not recur again. Thus your mind will become clearer and stress-free, which is the main aim of meditation.                                                                Satish Tripathi sctri48 My other website is                                            1- <>


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